Turning Points

By Joseph Kisenwether

Turning Points is an abstract game for 2-6 players. It was originally designed as an entry in the Summer 2004 Icehouse Game Design Competition. It has been dusted off and lightly updated for Daniel Solis’ Thousand-Year Game Design Challenge.

What You Need:

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What you do:

Players choose one side of the board, usually the one closest to where they are sitting. Starting with an empty board, players take turns placing pieces. Pieces may be placed anywhere on the board but must be oriented to clearly point in the direction of one of the sides, though not necessarily a side which belongs to any particular player.

If a piece just played is pointing to an adjacent space that already contains a piece, then that piece is rotated one notch clockwise (90 degrees on a square board or 60 degrees on a hex board). If the piece that was just rotated is now pointed at another piece, then it also get rotated one notch clockwise, and so on. The process continues until the rotated piece points either to an empty space or off the edge or the board.

The game ends when the board is full. Players then each score one point for each piece that is pointed toward their side of the board. Highest score wins.

Special thanks to Geoff Hanna and Zoe Miller for their help with playtesting and encouragement to enter, and to Tom Mason for the playable demo. Be sure to check out the other awesome games he’s developed at